Sunday, 9 October 2016

Challenges for Higher Education in Eritrea In The Post- Independent Period to the Present– A Case of Asmara Universit

Eritrean higher education faced numerous
challenges over many years. It was
particularly suffered during the colonial peri
ods. Eritrea exerted its efforts to develop
its dilapidated educational system with
the advent of its independence. Eritrea
celebrated its sixteenth birthday recently
. However, the educational challenges in
higher education still remain high. The gove
rnment of Eritrea established different
colleges in different administ
rative regions. The University of Asmara is the only
university in the country that had to be revi
talized after its devastation by the 30-year
war of independence. Since independence, the
University has been able to contribute
to the nation’s skill manpower considerably.
This paper examines higher education of
Eritrea for about 60 years period. It delves
the University of Asmara and its birth,
development and apogee. The paper also give
s some insights on recent educational
development in Eritrea  read more

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