Saturday, 16 January 2010

Unity-Based Peace Education: A New Approach To Peace Education by Tranforming World news by Havva Kök

Despite the numerous efforts to prevent, manage and/or resolve conflicts and violence, they only seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity in our life. It appears that the methods we are using are not sufficient to prevent conflicts and create a sustainable culture of peace in the inner, interpersonal, inter-group, and international life of humanity. It may be that the time has come to create global peace-based worldviews and to teach it at schools, in order to overcome this situation of fragmentation. Current approaches to peace education tend to focus rather on specific issues or themes and leave many broader questions about the nature of peace and transformative role of worldiews in peace education and vice versa. Such a transformation requires an integrative view of peace as a psychosocial, political, moral and spiritual condition, and depends not merely upon reducing conflict but on actively creating unity. Unity-Based Peace Education program offers this kind of approach and proposes the education for peace curriculum developed on integrative peace-based worldview. This paper aims to present the program called ‘Education for Peace’ (EFP) which has demonstrated transformative results in post-conflict societies of Bosnia
and Herzegovina (BiH).

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