Saturday, 9 January 2010

Somalia: Any Chance For Peace

Somalia is home to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.
Nearly half of the population, about 3.2 million people, is
in need of emergency food aid, and ongoing violent conflict
significantly impedes the efforts of aid agencies to reach those
in need.
A peace deal signed in October 2008 offers the best hope in
years for peace in Somalia but will require significant support
from the international community. The recent escalation of
violence underlines the fragility of the situation, the need for
prudent diplomatic engagement, and sustained assistance for
humanitarian relief, peacebuilding and security sector reform.
The US should avoid military approaches and focus policy
toward Somalia around several goals: reinvigorating the
peace process; supporting civil society and a capable and
accountable Somali government; and turning the tide on the
humanitarian crisis.

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